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Hello and welcome to 3forONE! We are honoured that you are here, on the professional horse networking platform that we have created because it is simply convenient to follow auctions and gallop races worldwide on one platform, to make the right contacts and to communicate with like-minded people.

Together with our wonderful team, it is our heart's mission to inspire and support you in your online participation in horse auctions. Each day, we offer you the largest selection of horse auctions worldwide, accompany you with information and livestreams on your journey into the fascinating world of international gallop races and bring you together with thousands of people to experience happy moments together with the 3forONE community.

3forONE is the one and only horse network platform in the world that offers you everything related to horses. You can:

  • read and comment on the latest news and press releases about horse auctions and gallop races from all over the world.
  • watch live streams from the world's leading auction houses such as Tattersalls, Kenneland, Goffs,  OBS, Inglis, Magic Millions, BSA, Arqana, Osarus, BBAG
  • access to the largest auction horse database in the world with auction histories and race results for every horse profile
  • exchange information and network with other horse lovers

3forONE offers you our own independent online auction platform in cooperation with our partner auction houses, where you can find or sell your dream horse. Whether you are a breeder, owner, trainer or whoever you are - the philosophy of the family business 3forONE is to help you build new contacts and strengthen existing business relationships.

Thank you for being here!

Cecilia & Rudolf Helber



The focus on the ONE social media platform

Do you already follow international horse auctions and gallop races? Are you well connected and have you made the contacts that will bring you ahead? Do you find the information you need in a convenient way?

We have the solution: where else than on 3forONE do you have the opportunity to have all this on ONE platform, network with other like-minded people, increase your reach and grow!

We report on all auctions and international gallop races and offer our own HORSE & EXPERT PROFILES on the horse social media platform. 

The platform is the social media stage for everyone in the horse world. We want to give each and every one of you the chance to make the decisive gallop leap into the online world in the right time, so that you don't run out of time. The faster you are, the better, because then no one can catch up with you and you won't be running behind.

Are you already on social media?

If we tell you to be on multiple social media platforms, it will not work, do you believe us?

If we tell you to focus on ONE social media platform, it works perfectly for others, what do you say?

Well, we tell you, it's a guaranteed thing that will work for you too. We know that.

So now we ask you:  Which ONE social media platform do you want to be on so that it works for you?

1. Facebook?

2. Twitter?

3. Instagram?

Let's make a deal together: We offer you to exchange 3 social media platforms for ONE and focus there.

Why 3forONE?

Exactly for this reason,

BECAUSE we are the ONLY horse networking platform with HORSES, AUCTIONS, RACES, EXPERT PROFILES etc. etc. etc.

BECAUSE we deal with horses every day and deliver everything internationally structured in your language to make your life easier.

BECAUSE we have realised how tedious and time-consuming it is to put everything together ourselves and because this time is precious for US and for YOU.  

Are you an expert in your field yourself? Then make it easier for others by making yourself visible on the platform so that like-minded people can find you quickly.

Let's grow together and make a decision now, use the stage we give you and practice being visible on the one social media platform every day to show the best version of yourself online and be a role model for others.

We keep our promise. Are you running yet?

All auctions as well as races for thoroughbred horses worldwide in one AUCTIONS / RACES CALENDAR

Exclusive profiles of all THOROUGHBRED AUCTION HOUSES with presentation of the team, the lots and the associated network

Continuously expandable NETWORK profiles in connection with thoroughbred AUCTIONS and gallop RACES worldwide



At 3forONE, we are on a mission to revolutionize the world of the horse industry. Our goal extends beyond providing a leading platform; we aim to create a global community where passion for horses, expertise, and the joy of equestrian sports can be shared without boundaries. By harnessing the most advanced technologies, we seek to build a bridge that connects horse enthusiasts, breeders, owners, and professionals worldwide. Our ambition is to facilitate access to auctions and races and cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation for the noble world of horses. We are committed to offering an unparalleled experience to everyone in our community, grounded in quality, trust, and innovation. At 3forONE, we envision a future where every interaction reflects our love for horses and enriches every aspect of the horse industry.




We stand for the respectful relationship with horses by everyone. For appreciation of the people associated with the horse world and support for others. We respect the traditional horse auctions and the individual contribution of each active person in the horse industry. Our platform stands for quality, creativity and progress.

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