Global Horse Racing Associations United on 3forONE

Welcome to the world of international Thoroughbred racing associations on 3forONE, where you gain access to some of the most prestigious and influential organizations in horse racing. Our platform proudly presents institutions that shape global horse racing, including the prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club, as well as leading associations from Australia, England, Ireland, and the USA.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is not only a symbol of the splendor of Asian horse racing but also a driving force in the industry, known for its innovative approaches and first-class racing events. Its reach and influence transcend regional boundaries, making it a global model of racing excellence and integrity.

In Australia, the racing associations are distinguished by their dynamic racing culture and enthusiasm for high-profile events. They play an essential role in promoting and growing the sport 'Down Under'. The English and Irish racing associations, with their deeply rooted history and tradition in horse racing, are also central players on the international stage. Their events, from Royal Ascot to the Irish Derby, attract viewers and enthusiasts from all over the world each year.

The USA, with its diverse racetracks and the Kentucky Derby as one of the most famous races worldwide, significantly contributes to the diversity and vibrancy of international horse racing. The American Jockey Club and other associations are committed to the innovation and development of Thoroughbred racing in the United States.

On 3forONE, we offer you detailed insights into these organizations, their history, achievements, and future visions. Discover the fascination of international horse racing by connecting with these prestigious associations. Our platform enables you to dive directly into the heart of global horse racing and connect with a community that passionately supports this wonderful sport.

Join us to explore the world of international Thoroughbred racing, and become part of a community dedicated to promoting excellence, tradition, and innovation in horse racing. Experience the elite of international Thoroughbred racing associations on 3forONE and connect with the global racing community.


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