3forONE presents the sales race days in France. On these days, gallop races take place where the participating horses are for sale.

How are sales races to be understood?

The weight to be carried by the horse is determined by the age and sex of the horse and by the so-called stakes price, i.e. the amount that the owner of the horse sets as the minimum purchase price. After the race, interested parties can place bids for the participating horses; these bids are placed on slips of paper in a box provided for this purpose. If there are several bids for a horse, it will be given to the bidder with the highest bid, if there is no bid for a horse, it will remain with its previous owner. 

Every interested person has the opportunity to buy (claim) a horse that is listed as a starter in a sales race beforehand. The purchase price is then the stakes price of the horse and the winning price of the race.

If the horse is sold after the race at a higher price than the stakes price, France Galop receives the excess amount.

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