Highlights in Horse Racing


In the whirlwind of horse racing, where races happen every minute, there are annual events that stand out like lighthouses. These high-profile events form the core of any horse racing betting calendar.

March: Dubai World Cup Let's start the year with a bang: the Dubai World Cup. With a prize pool of about $10 million and a track of 2000 meters on a synthetic racecourse, this race is a must for betting enthusiasts.

April: The Grand National in Aintree A true gem in horse racing and a highlight for traditional betting. This obstacle race, established in 1836, is known for its high hurdles and exciting atmosphere.

May: Kentucky Derby The Kentucky Derby, a cornerstone of American horse racing tradition since 1875, is an absolute highlight of the racing calendar and part of the coveted Triple Crown.

August: Royal Ascot Under the patronage of the English royal family, Royal Ascot is not just a horse race but also a social event. The extravagant fashion and strict dress code make it a unique spectacle.

September: Big Week in Baden Baden The German flagship in gallop racing, the Big Week in Baden Baden, is an event full of tradition and glamour. The highlight is the Grand Prix of Baden on a flat race track over 2400 meters.

October: Qatar Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe This race is a highlight in horse racing and is considered the unofficial world championship. With attractive prize money and a challenging track, it annually attracts the best horses and riders.

November: Breeders Cup and Melbourne Cup The Breeders Cup and Melbourne Cup offer spectacular competitions and conclude the racing year. The Breeders Cup distributes $25 million over 15 races, while the Melbourne Cup takes place in the Australian spring.

Why is it worth betting on these events?

These events offer not only exciting competitions but also top-class betting opportunities. Live streams, free bets, and bonus promotions are just some of the advantages that make these events a goldmine for betting fans.


Major horse races offer a unique combination of sport, tradition, and glamour. This makes them ideal competitions for betting enthusiasts worldwide.

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