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Where can you bet?

Most of the time you can bet directly at the racecourses, but the easiest and most pleasant way is to bet online. 

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Here you will find the leading online horse betting providers in the world:

3forONE explains the different betting options for horse betting.


Bets can be placed on every race in the programme. Each individual betting offer is marked on the official race card next to the respective race. 

WIN bet: Choose the winner.

PLACE bet: Choose one of the first three placed horses. This is the most common bet in the world. 

WIN / PLACE bet: Choose the first two or three horses, depending on the number of entrants, to win or place in any order.

TWO BET: Bet on the first two horses in the correct order by fixing or combining them. This is the easiest and most successful bet.

THREE BET: Bet on the first three placed horses in a race in the correct order by fixing or combining them.

FOUR BET: Bet on the first four places in the correct order by fixing or combining them.

7 WIN BET: Bet on all 7 winners before the start of the first race specified in this bet on a race day.

The odds

Many bettors back the favourites in a particular race, and if they win, several people share the winnings.  For example, if you bet on a horse with odds of 7.0, you will receive seven times your stake. The higher the odds, the higher the chances of winning, but that also means the horse is less certain to win. 

How to bet?

Newcomers are advised to choose the easy bets: WIN or PLACE bets.  This is the best way to get used to racing and a bet makes it all the more attractive, especially if you make it to the checkout afterwards!

Finding the first three, four or even five horses to start in a race can be difficult even for experts, and statistics show that every tip can be a big gamble.


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