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3forONE has reports since 2021 on:

994.218.069 EUR race prizes

31.638.727.192 EUR turnover at auctions

21.692 Races

160.558 Auctionlots


The Voice of Jockeys: Showcase Your Skills and Find the Best Rides on 3forONE

3forONE provides jockeys and jockey agents with a platform to showcase their services and make their expertise known in the world of horse racing. The platform allows jockeys to create online listings where they can highlight their skills and experiences and attract potential clients.

As members of 3forONE, jockeys have the opportunity to create their profiles and showcase their accomplishments, skills, and references. They can display their racing statistics, collaborations with renowned trainers, and placements in significant races to build the trust of potential clients.

Through the platform, jockeys can also indicate their availability for race days, training camps, or special events. They can specify whether they are available for specific races or training assignments and emphasize their expertise in particular disciplines or horse breeds.

Additionally, 3forONE enables jockey agents to connect with other members of the horse racing community. They can establish contacts with trainers, horse owners, and other jockeys to discover potential work opportunities and collaborations.

The platform offers jockeys and jockey agents the opportunity to advance their careers and establish themselves in the horse racing world. By showcasing their skills and experiences on 3forONE, they can impress potential clients and uncover new opportunities for exciting racing projects and partnerships.

With 3forONE, jockeys and jockey agents have an effective platform to showcase themselves and reach potential clients. They can highlight their skills and experiences and capture the attention of horse owners, trainers, and race organizers.

The platform provides a convenient way for horse owners and trainers to select the right jockeys for their horses. They can browse through jockey profiles, analyze their accomplishments and abilities, and make the best choice for their racing projects.

3forONE supports jockeys and jockey agents in advancing their careers and establishing themselves in the world of horse racing. The platform encourages the exchange of knowledge, the networking of professionals, and the creation of new opportunities for exciting racing projects and partnerships.

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