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3forONE has reports since 2021 on:

994.218.069 EUR race prizes

31.638.727.192 EUR turnover at auctions

21.692 Races

160.558 Auctionlots


Stud farms can unlock a plethora of benefits by utilizing 3forONE, including:

Showcase Your Horses:

Create detailed profiles for your horses to attract potential buyers and enthusiasts. Offering insights into pedigree, achievements, skills, and unique features can effectively market your horses and pique the interest of potential clients.

Connect with Trainers and Jockeys:

The platform enables stud farms to establish connections with renowned trainers and jockeys. Search for specialized professionals who can train and ride your horses to achieve optimal performance. Collaborating with experienced trainers and skilled jockeys can elevate the success of both your horses and your stud farm.

Network with Other Stud Farms and Experts:

3forONE allows stud farms to network with other farms, breeders, and industry experts. This creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and best practice discussions. Benefit from the insights of others, discover new business opportunities, and collaborate on projects.

Access to Auctions and Auction Lots:

Benefit from integrated auction houses and auction lots, providing access to high-quality horses up for auction and the opportunity to offer your own horses for auction. This opens up new avenues for buying and selling horses, strengthening your stud farm's industry position.

Syndicates and Partnerships:

The platform enables stud farms to form or join existing syndicates, attracting investors and collectively investing in horses. Forming syndicates can alleviate financial burdens and increase chances of success and profitability.

By leveraging 3forONE, stud farms can expand their reach, better market their horses, and establish valuable connections in the equine industry. The platform offers an effective way to maximize horse performance, discover new business opportunities, and elevate the success of your stud farm.

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