Preis vom Kurhaus - 7 gewinnt! - 3 / ...

7-Wins! - Bet
  • Category Galop
  • Category E
  • Sex Mixed
  • Rider Jockeys
  • Classes Handicap IV
  • age 3+
  • Price money 8.200,00 EUR
  • Distance 2.000m
  • Direction Links
  • Surface: Good
    Start 21.05.2023 14:05 CEST

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    4. Place

    Quijana Starlet (GER), 2019 (mare)
    62,5 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 2
    Box 6
    quote 5.1

    1. Place

    Clou (GER), 2018 (Gelding)
    62,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 3
    Box 11
    quote 3.0

    10. Place

    Niobe (GER), 2019 (mare)
    60,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 4
    Box 9
    quote 24.5

    8. Place

    Angel Park (FRA), 2018 (mare)
    58,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 6
    Box 13
    quote 38.1

    3. Place

    Abayyah, 2018 (mare)
    55,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 9
    Box 4
    quote 10.0

    2. Place

    Sweet Fantasy (GER), 2019 (mare)
    55,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 10
    Box 1
    quote 6.0

    5. Place

    Khaleesi (GER), 2016 (mare)
    53,5 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 11
    Box 10
    quote 6.9

    7. Place

    Ballindinas, 2016 (Gelding)
    52,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 12
    Box 5
    quote 16.3

    6. Place

    Burning Rose, 2016 (mare)
    52,0 kg (GAG)
    Start no. 13
    Box 7
    quote 10.2

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